Breccia Construction offers comprehensive site evaluations of any current or potential project in need of earth retention or specialty deep foundations, with services from project planning through project completion.  Our team of geotechnical engineers perform subsurface reports and provide design recommendations for projects still in planning, while our construction team offers comprehensive turnkey pricing for foundations and shoring systems. Our construction team specializes in the following types of installations:

  1. Subsurface Investigations
  2. Design Recommendations
  3. Earth Retention Systems (Temporary or Permanent)
    1. Driven Soil Nail Walls
    2. Drilled & Grouted s/n Walls
    3. Shotcrete Walls
    4. H-Pile and Lagging
    5. Steel Sheet Pile Walls
    6. Cofferdams
  4. Deep Foundations
    1. Micropiles
    2. Rock Anchors
    3. Helical Piers
    4. Underpinning
    5. Steel Hpile
  5. Anchors
    1. Tieback Anchors
  6. Solar
    1. Design
    2. Foundation Posts
    3. Foundation Racking
    4. Foundation Modules
    5. Testing

If any of these services are of interest to you we encourage you to contact us.